Novel - The first story of Mr. MOORA 1-7

[Rainbow Light Love Story – VOL.1 RED] 1-7. The elementary school 1

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[Rainbow Light Love Story – VOL.1 RED]


“Why do you want to go to school all of a sudden?”

, grandmother said.

Ryan didn’t expected this reaction. She was firm. Grandmother was mending a rent in her apron, with wrinkle on her forehead.

“I want to go to school.”

, Ryan said once again.

“I said not yet.”

Grandmother's firm reaction was so stressed out, Ryan gone crazy. Why on earth, he can’t go to school while Sara is going to the school?

" Why can't just me, I will go to school! Let me go to school!"

Ryan's voice was growing. Grandmother appeared to hesitate a moment. Ryan somehow had to go to school since he had a pinky promise with Sara. He could not forget Sara’s face when they made the promise.

"Not next year, but the next year...”

, Grandmother replied reluctantly. But it didn't comfort Ryan at all. Wait until the next year? By then, Sara will move up to the next grade. Even if he went to school at that time, it was no use without Sara. Ryan's mind was complicated.

"I'm eight years old, too. Why...”

, Ryan couldn't keep his words to the end and eventually shed tears. The grandmother, who was staring at Ryan, put down the sewing and held Ryan's hand. Ryan had a small expectation that he would be able to go to school for a moment because of her affectionate attitude. But not a chance.

"You’re eight years old when you count by the lunar calendar."

"The lunar calendar…?"

, Ryan asked.

"You're seven, to be exact."

"Why? Why am I seven again?"

"I'm saying no because you’re still seven years old in solar calendar.”

Lunar calendar? Solar calendar? Ryan didn't know what this meant. What matters was that Ryan will not be able to go to school next year. Only Sara went to school, and even Seungjae went to school next year, Ryan had no friends to play with.

"Seungjae goes to school, too….”

Ryan's words stopped grandmother's hand sewing and lowered her glasses. Somehow his grandmother didn't like him playing with Seungjae. Even on the last rainy day, grandmother thought Ryan had caught a cold because he played with Seungjae.

"Do you still play with Seungjae?"

"Well? No.”

"Even I told you not to play with him."

, grandmother said rather sternly. Ryan pouted his mouth and burst into tears. Grandmother sighed. Then she pushed the sewing into the corner and went to the kitchen. Ryan tucked grandmother's blanket over his head. The heat was so hot that he almost died, but he didn't get out of the blanket for a long time. No matter how hard he thought about it, he felt tight Ryan clenched his fist.

Grandmother must have seen Ryan fall down exhausted as a message of giving up. Therefore, there was no way to know what Ryan was thinking inside.

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