Novel - The first story of Mr. MOORA 1-6

[Rainbow Light Love Story – VOL.1 RED] 1-6. A deserted house

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[Rainbow Light Love Story – VOL.1 RED]


It was just a commitment and it was a separate matter to keep. It was a new world that Ryan had never experienced before. It wasn't as difficult as it was when Ryan first went there again. Making an excuse of “playing with friends”, Ryan often went to the alley behind Duryu Park. Behind the building, there was a shortcut to quickly enter the collective housing area. He thought it was a blocked road because a green fence was installed at the entrance, but it turned out that it was a way to open like a door when he pushed it.

Now, it wasn't a strange place anymore for Ryan. Behind the large building in Duryu Park was a total of three rows. There was nowhere else to go after that.

Meanwhile, Ryan found out that Sara and Seungjae are living in the same town, and that Seungjae was gradually avoiding him. This was because Seungjae was not seen to Ryan for a while, and Seungjae barely visited Ryan’s home, unlike before. There was no way to know why. What’s more, Ryan had fewer chances to meet Seungjae than before, and no matter how, Seungjae made excuses and always avoided meeting Ryan. Ryan felt a sense of betrayal toward Seungjae.

The boy who had been with Sara for a while was also not well seen after the bucket incident. Ryan could only see the boy blushed and escaped when they encountered. Otherwise, he would often run into the mill. Sara said the boy seemed to like her.

"I've been teased like that before.”


"He doesn't like me playing with other kids.”

"How can he do that?”

"And he's incredibly rich."

"How do you know that?”

"I don't know. My dad said he was rich."

"It must be a lie."

, Ryan answered back a little curtly.

"And he's stronger than you.”

, Sara continued her words regardless. Listening to the story, the two were close, but Sara must have often been bullied by the boy. Ryan was heartbroken. He would have considered Sara a more precious friend and would never have bullied her.

Ryan thought the boy was embarrassed so he couldn't come there anymore. Because Ryan caught him playing such a bad thing. He thought the two of them were just getting along well, but what they looked was not the truth. On the other hand, he was proud inside. He felt as if he had saved the princess from the villain.

Judging from various circumstances, Ryan and Sara were easy to get along with. Somehow Sara knew Ryan's name. Ryan guessed that Seungjae would have told her his name. Sara, who was always with friends, was not used to playing alone, and Ryan knew many fun games enough to play alone. Sara was curious about Ryan, since he didn’t live there. Therefore, the relationship between the two began in earnest as Sara welcomed Ryan, who approached Sara with difficulty.

Ryan really liked Sara's long hair. Once he learned how to braid a girl's hair from his grandmother. The two squatted on the side of the road. Ryan began to braid Sara's black hair with clumsy hands. At first, he failed, but the more he did, the prettier the shape came out. As he repeatedly braid and untie her hair, Ryan gave Sara a quiz and joked. At first, Sara responded intensely. Later, she felt drowsy and dozed off as Ryan kept combing and touching her hair with his hands.

As the sun got shorter and the temperature dropped noticeably, the cold gradually came to the semi-basement of Duryu Park. As the sun was not shining well, the ice was frozen well, and the whole alley seemed to be filled with cold air. On such a cold day, their hands were frozen and it made them hard to play outside.

They started looking for a warmer place, first thinking of each other's house, but soon gave up. Both had their own reasons. Sara had a scary father who would go crazy whenever he drank and an older brother who would be hit by such a father. When her father drank, he cherished Sara more and express her affection more. When her brother, who was jealous of it, was younger than now, he seemed to have secretly bullied and teased Sara.

"I used to hate my brother."

"Even now?"

"No, not now!"

, Su-yeon said.

Ryan had a grandmother who hated Duryu Park's semi-basement town. If he took Sara home, his grandmother would ask who she is and where she lives, but if it turns out that she lives in the alley behind Duryu Park, it would be a day of severe punishment to Ryan. That would be terrible.

"Then let's go play in a house where nobody lives."

Suddenly, Su-yeon said.

"There's no such thing.”

"There is!"

"Are you sure?"

Ryan tilted his head. Sara jumped up and took the lead. Ryan followed in Sara's footsteps with an unknown expectation.

The wind blew hard. The place where the two red-cheeked kids arrived was a small thatched house surrounded by low walls and sharp bushes. Sara pushed hard at the old gate. The gate did not open well as if it had been caught in something, but it was opened when Ryan pushed it, with a little space that could barely fit in one person. The two went inside carefully.

No one was at the house. There were many traces of people not living for a long time. It felt a little chilly, but Ryan liked it. It was because Sara was next to him. It was quite warm inside the house, with dust and crawling bugs. The two sat side by side in the doorway. And they looked out over the door where the changhoji was torn and holes were made.

"I know one fun game." ,Sara broke the silence.

"Tell me."

"mothers and fathers!"

, Su-yeon's eyes glistened. Playing mothers and fathers with Sara, Ryan was like a dream. But he tried not to let her know that he liked that that much.


“Then I'm the mother."


"Honey, I'll make you a delicious dish tonight."

Sara mimicked her mother's way of speaking. Ryan held back his laughter.

"Okay, good. What kind of food?"

"It’s grilled green onion."

, Sara said. Ryan was surprised.

"Grilled green onion?"


, Sara answered.

"When you eat grilled green onions, sweet water comes out and it's really delicious."

"Wow, really?"

Ryan forgot for a moment that he was playing and asked excitedly.

"Yes, really!"

Sara answered confidently. Ryan's heart throbbed with excitement. He didn’t know whether it was because of Sara's smile or curiosity about the grilled green onion. What's obvious was that it's better to do what Sara wants to do.

"I want to eat it."

, Ryan said.

"Then please bring me some green onions from the kitchen garden, honey. I'll go to the kitchen."

Su-yeon said, immersed in the role play again. The voice gradually faded away. Ryan vaguely heard the sound of a fire inside. Ryan's heart was pounding and he couldn't bear it. How dare she says "honey" so casually? That's what adults say!

Ryan went out to a garden where weeds grew a lot. He couldn't tell which one was the green onion and which was just the weed. He started to dig up some things that looked like green onions. His hands have been frozen red. He also had a runny nose. Sara would be waiting inside. As he searched, he got a knack and started to speed up. Without knowing that the tip of his hand was scratched while digging the soil, Ryan worked hard to dig the green onion.

He dug up a lot of green onions and went into the kitchen. Sara's small backside was seen looking inside the darkened furnace. She also held a large wooden stick with her small hands and were digging hard in the furnace. The surface of the wooden stick was so rough that it seemed possible to hurt her hand. Ryan gave Sara green onions and received the wooden stick. And the fire was burning well. Next to Sara, who was choosing green onions, Ryan worked hard to poke the inside of the furnace to make the fire burn well.

The two squatted side by side in front of the furnace and began grilling green onions. He coughed because it smelled spicy. Sara gave Ryan a well-grilled green onion. Ryan blew a hot steaming green onion and took a bite. It was a bit spicy, but it was sweet at the end, so he was addicted to it. Especially, the white part of the green onion tasted sweeter.

"It's really delicious!"

"For sure, right? It's delicious!"

Sara smiled and then she took a bite of the green onion. It was a little hot, so her breath leaked out of her mouth. The two quickly ate a few green onions. They were pretty full.

"I'm going to go school."

Sara said outright.

"School? When?"

"I don't know. My brother said it’s only needed a hundred nights' sleep."

"A hundred nights?"

Ryan has never thought much about school. He didn't hear anything from his grandmother.

"We have to go to school now that we are eight years old.”

"Yeah. Then I'm going to school, too.”

Ryan answered unknowingly. Sara goes to school, so he would go to school. Ryan thought that he could go to school even his grandmother haven’t talked about it yet, because he thought that he was definitely the same age with Sara.

"I have to have an entrance ceremony to go to school.”

"That's right. I know!"

,Ryan agreed enthusiastically.

"You need a name tag when you enter the school. Ribbon, too!

"Wow, you wear a ribbon?"

"Yes. We need a red ribbon. And the name tag, too. I have to write my name on it. So I practice writing my name pretty."

Sara kept chirping, with her fingers drawing a ribbon on the ground covered with ashes. Usually, she doesn't talk that much, so she seemed to be looking forward to it. Ryan met her eyes and nodded his head hard at every word Sara said.

"I can't wait to go to school. I envy my brother so much."

Then Sara stood up.

"When we go to school, I can see you everyday next year."

, Ryan said.

"Then let's go to school together."

, Sara smiled and nodded at Ryan's words.

They promised to go to school next year and stay as close as they are now, hooking pinkies.

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